Dogo Argentino History

Dogo Argentino (Argentine dogo) breed was the dream of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and his brother Agustin. In 1925, Antonio has a vision of an ideal companion and guardian, and superior big hunter – agile and able enough to stalking wild boar and large cats through the rough terrain of Argentina. It is important to point out that the Fighting Dog of Cordoba (combination of Mastiff, English Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Boxer) is now extinct. Getting started on a new breed was devoted to eliminating the fighting eagerness and developing the hunting instinct. The effort to achieve this goal is very important and highly successful.

The formula with which Antonio started was:

1) Fighting Dog of Cordoba, to which he added blood from;
2) the Pointer to give him a keen sense of smell, which is essential for the hunt;
3) The Boxer added vivacity and gentleness;
4) Great Dane for size;
5) Bull Terrier, fearlessness;
6) the Bulldog gave it broad chest and boldness;
7) the Irish Wolfhound brought instinct as a hunter of wild game;
8) Dogue de Bordeaux for powerful jaws;
9) Great Pyrenees it white fur;
10) the Spanish Mastiff gave a quota of power.

The brothers gathered ten Cordoban bitches as their nucleus, which will start mixing the races until the early offspring that develop in the desired direction. At one point under their care was even thirty bitch. This work would not have been possible for two young men still in school, they received help from relatives and friends of their father. The senior Martinez hired a man who takes care of the dogs while Antonio and Agustin were in school. Brothers spent all their pocket money on food for dogs. They were also helped by food donations given by their father’s friends. Such help the brothers gladly accepted but a dream and a plan to make it a reality was Antonio’s.

He was a genius who led the program and Agustin was always at his side. Later in life when Antonio became a respected surgeon, his medical knowledge improved and refined his dream. The first standard for a new breed he wrote in 1928. It is sad that he did not live to see his dream realized fully because he was killed by a man who intended to rob him during a hunt for wild boars in 1956.

Agustin then continues his dream of creating a new race, saving it from collapse and headquarters for the breed moved from Cordoba to Esquel, located in Patagonia in southern Argentina. Agustin Nores Martinez was the Argentine Ambassador to Canada and he used the opportunity to travel to spread the new race around the world. Big game hunters in Argentina and neighboring countries were using the Dogo on boar and puma.

The Dogo Argentino was fast becoming a legend. Dogo Argentino is an endurance hound much like his ancestor the Irish Wolfhound. He is expected to track the wild boar across vast pampas, attacks and force in the corner, holding it until the appearing of hunter. He is capable of dazzling bursts of speed over short distances, but his forte is covering long distances at a gallop. Forcing a boar into a corner, he must have enough strength in reserve to attack and hold a wild boar weighing up to 180 pounds. In the traditional boar hunt the hunter will jump on the boar and kill it with a knife in the heart, while dogs are attached to it, holding it in a death grip.

The Dogo Argentino was recognized by the Kennel Federation of Argentina and the Argentine Rural Society in 1964 and registered in the record of the origin of dogs. 31 July 1973 race was accepted by the International Kennel Federation as the first and only Argentinean breed.

Dogo Argentino have very strong hunting instinct, incredible determination and legendary courage. It is very lively and cheerful, possess high intelligence and cleverness. It is oriented to people which makes it social and friendly. His confidence makes him loyal to people who are open and patient. This versatile animal is capable to good concentration, very quickly learn and remember what they have learned almost immediately. Excellent as a guard dog, Dogo Argentino was quiet around the house, still ready and quick at any time. Dogo Argentino is not barking dog, although endowed with thunderous voice, rhythmic and constant when necessary.

This is a family dog that must achieve close contact with all members of the family, and is unhappy when separated from them. In the earlier period of life Dogo Argentino must be in contact with domestic animals in order to prevent any aggression against them later.