About Us

About us and our kennel

Our love for dogs, we decided to raise to a higher level, where everything is serious and demanding, yet with the same base – the love for man’s best friend – the dog. We are sure that in this we are succeeding. For breeding this race we decided mostly because of beauty, grace and obedience.

Dogs that are outstanding, cuddly and also good watchdogs when needed. The first dogo argentino appeared in our home a few years ago. That is our Benga (Jr 71525 Adg), excellent Argentinean female dog that wins with her appearance.

Benga was showed in many exhibitions her quality and won excellent reviews and was champion 5xCAC, RCAC … After Benga, in our home comes another female Hydra od Marjanovica, one of grace called Alfa. Already at the age of about one year, she participated in exhibitions and won the all excellent reviews.

After two years of companionship with this breed, we decided to register kennel “od Radakovica”, make accommodation for dogs  and open up a website that would be the archive and showcase of our kennel.

Many greetings to all dog lovers. Nenad Radakovic – kennel “od Radakovica” FCI 4770 SRB