About Dogo Argentino breed

Argentinian Dog
[FCI No. 292] [AKC – Working] [UKC – Guardian]

Country of origin: ARGENTINA

casper - dogo argentino

Skull: The skull is massive, convex in the direction from front to back and side, as well as viewed from above, based on the curvature of chewing muscles and neck muscles.
Muzzle: Same length as the skull area, which means that the imaginary line that
connects the inner eye corners is equidistant from the occiput and the tip of the nose.
Eyes: Dark and hazel, edge of the eyelid is black or bright, eye spacing must be large, look lively and intelligent, but at the same time tough and sturdy.
Teeth: Well adapted, without protrusion of the jaw, very well embedded with the big teeth.
Nose: Black pigmented, at the end easily raised, nostrils well open.
Ears: Well placed, semi or fully raised, triangular shape.
Lips: Well fitting, with free edges, black.
Occipital bone: Must not to splatter out, the strong muscles of the neck must completely cover it.
Neck: Strong, rounded, well-formed, with a thick throat skin, pleated like a mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux, or a bulldog, not tight like a bull terrier.
Chest: Wide, deep, with plenty of room for strong lungs. Seen from the front, depth of chest must reach to below the elbows.
Shoulders: High, very strong, with clear muscular relief.
Top-line: the shoulder is taller and slightly lowered to loin and croup.
Front legs: Straight, completely parallel, with short toes that lie next to each other.
Loin: Covered by muscles.
Last legs: thigh with strong muscles, with short shins and feet tightly closed, without protruding fingers.
Tail: Long and strong, but do not go over the hock. Normal is worn hanging. In the affect  it was built and constantly moving sideways.
Weight: 40-45 kg.
Size: 60-65 cm.
Color: Pure white, each tap, whatever color, should be disqualified as a atavism.
Disqualifying faults: Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid, Viciousness or extreme shyness, Albinism, Lips that hang below the line of the lower jaw, Flesh colored or predominantly flesh colored nose, Overshot or undershot bite, Eyes of any color other than listed, Eyes not of matching colors, Unilateral or bilateral deafness, Long coat, Dogs smaller than 60 cm. More than one patch on the head and each physical disproportion. One toe which is protruding is a flaw but it does not must be disqualified.

Detailed description by FCI you can find here, AKC description here and UKC here.